Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Oh the journey is long...

Well well, long time no? The laziness that has consumed my otherwise pretty creative side is a procrastinating ass. Sad to say I almost forgot about this special little gem. But alas, how could one forget the things they hold so dear (music, not blogosphere). So for being a sorry dick, I gift you. Haven't been too saavy on what the scoop is back on ye olde East Coast but out here in the boonies, we mountain folk like to keep it simple and mellow with a few gun shots and everclear on the mind.

With that, I give you Sin Fang Bous from Iceland.
Lo-fi rattles beckoning from a pretty isolated place.
Not too over the top and easy on the ears.

Sing Fang Bous - Nothings

And now for all you summer dreamers, here's a Zombie's cover by The Tough Alliance that will leave you craving a coconut filled with rum and some half naked palm fanners at your side. Roll out da steel drum mon.

The Tough Alliance - Hung Up On A Dream

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